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Escape from Al-Card-Traz
The All Seeing Eye Book Test (Large Version) Stage
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Entertaina PA 30 Watt
Entertaina Plus CD 50 Watt
Entertaina Pro CD 100 Watt
Entertaina Pro CDCA 100 Watt
Headset with Boom microphone
Tripod Floor Stand
Entertaina Plus Extension Speaker
Entertaina Pro Extension Speaker
Lotto Blotto
Head-Line Vision
Magic Glow-tech Slate


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Entertaina PA 30 Watt

Ideal for on the move presentations, exhibitions and announcements

This small but powerful battery powered unit offers you the ideal solution for those on the move presentations where lightweight, portability and robustness are key factors.

Facilitating both indoor and outside applications this versatile units is also ideal for exhibitions, fetes, sports training and announcements of up to 100 people insuring your message gets heard!

30 Watt amplifier for audiences of up to 100

Facilitates up to 2 microphones (1 wired & 1 wireless) with a 16 channel UHF mic receiver and 1 wired mic input socket with individual volume controls

Comes complete with UHF hand held or clip-on mic (Headband or collar mics are also available at a premium)

Suitable for indoor or outside use with a built-in rechargeable battery offering 3-4 hours playtime

2 x 3.5 mm jack in/out sockets for connection with DVD players, MP3 players, laptops etc.

Supplied with handy shoulder bag to store and transport microphones and cables

Soft grip handle for comfortable transport

Easy to locate colour coded controls

Long battery life guaranteed with the unique Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery system (ABMR) that prevents over charging & total battery discharge

Crystal clear sound quality generated through resonance free metal speaker grill and durable wooden construction

Dimensions: 170W x 150D x 268 mmH Weight 3.8kg

Leatherette Transport Protective Cover