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Card Shuffler

A pack of cards is shuffled by a shuffler machine and a prediction placed in a sealed envelope. The magician then rifles through cards and spectator shouts stop. Card picked matches prediction!

The magician shows the audience a card shuffling machine, a pack of cards and a prediction in a sealed envelope, after allowing the spectator / helper to view both the machine and cards. The magician explains that the card shuffler is used in gambling houses to stop both gamblers and magicians from cheating, due to the fact that the cards are not handled during shuffling.

The spectator places the cards, with the help of the magician, on the shuffler and shuffles them as many times as they wish. The cards are then removed and cut by the spectator. All agree that the cards are well and truly mixed up. The magician then riffles through the cards and the spectator shouts "stop!" The card picked matches the prediction!

Equipment Supplies:

  1. Card Shuffler (batteries not included)

  2. Pack of bicycle poker cards (808)

  3. Full set of instructions for use

  4. Cards supplied may be Red or Blue stock

  1. Excellent for both stage and cabaret work

  2. Can be used to force ANY card

  3. Easy re-set

  4. Ideal for mentalist effect