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Restoration Zero
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Restoration Zero

After astounding your audience with Card Warp, amaze them by making the four left over half cards join back together before their eyes! Easy to perform and well worth adding to your repertoire!

This effect came about when I had numerous requests from spectators to make the four left over half cards join back together after performing Card Warp. Each time I would reply “Well, that would be real magic!” until I began to think that as a magician, I should be able to restore the cards. In the few months that followed, I finally developed this effect and have used it now very successfully in the last few years. I have witnessed many jaws dropping when I have performed it and have even received standing ovations!

The Effect:

Two different coloured backed cards are torn into pieces. After being examined and counted by the spectator, the cards are fanned by the magician and shown both front and back. The eight pieces are then squeezed together and the magician asks the spectator to weave a magical spell over the card pieces. In full view of the audience, the cards are fully restored and handed out to the spectators to examine and keep.

This is the ultimate ending to Card Warp or Topsy-Turvy Cards. A very strong and visual effect, easy to perform and well worth adding to your repertoire!


A4 bound manuscript with eleven pages of full instructions containing forty-one easy to follow colour photographs, plus practice cards Bicycle Rider back (poker 808).

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