Night Illusions
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Rotabase 360
Restoration Zero
Harnessing Zero
Escape from Al-Card-Traz
The All Seeing Eye Book Test (Large Version) Stage
The All Seeing Eye Book Test (Small Version) Close Up
Card Shuffler
Mini X-Ray Clipboard (Close Up)
X-Ray Clipboard (Stage)
Entertaina PA 30 Watt
Entertaina Plus CD 50 Watt
Entertaina Pro CD 100 Watt
Entertaina Pro CDCA 100 Watt
Headset with Boom microphone
Tripod Floor Stand
Entertaina Plus Extension Speaker
Entertaina Pro Extension Speaker
Lotto Blotto
Head-Line Vision
Magic Glow-tech Slate

The easy way to improve your close-up magic and stage performances!

Astonish your audience with fantastic close-up and stage magical effects from Night Illusions!

We design a range of close-up and stage magic effects that can enhance your performance – and they’re all really easy to learn!

We have effects suitable for magicians at every level, from the amateur beginner to the full-time professional.  Every effect contains a full set of A4 bound written instructions.

Performing professional-level close-up and stage magic couldn’t be easier when you’re using Night Illusions’ amazing magic effects – place your order online today!

How do we know our magic effects will work?

Because we design, manufacture and test them all ourselves!

 Escape from Al-Card-Traz – read the review

“A sort of crazy man’s handcuffs for cards”

“A nice pocket trick that becomes do-able because of the quality of the instructions”

 Restoration Zero – read the review

“If you don’t know Card Warp then learn it first and once mastered, buy Terry’s instructions to Restoration Zero and you’ll have a great close-up routine”